Club Membership 2022-23

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Banbury United Football Club is a Community Benefit Society owned by it's members, each member has an equal share in the ownership of the club. Annual membership runs from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 and costs £10. You can find out more about membership and the Community Benefit Society on our website

For 2022-23 season there will be just one category of membership costing £10.

Membership allows full voting rights as an owner of the club. It also includes additional benefits as below.

·   discount off entry to 1st team friendlies.

·   discount on season ticket price

·   priority booking for major matches

·   members priority and reduced cost for coach travel to away games

·   discount on hiring the Spencer Clubhouse

·   other offers during the season  

By becoming a member of Banbury United Community Football Club you agree to the Club’s objectives which are to benefit the community by:

·    enhancing the social, cultural and economic value of the Club to its Communities and by acting as a responsible custodian of the club for future generations;

·   upholding the mutual ownership of the Club operating democratically, fairly and transparently;

·   ensuring the Club operates with financial responsibility enabling the Club to be run for the long term interest of the Community;

·   providing sporting facilities and opportunities regardless of age, income, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality, religious or moral belief; and

playing at the highest level possible, but always operating in a financially responsible and prudent manner.

We reserve the right to decline or rescind a membership application and refund the cost and for any benefits paid for.

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